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Patient Experiences

For decades I had been trying to get into a healthy mind and body to work for my goals but somehow I couldnt! I had a terrible relationship with food as well. 

I started to realise my frequent mood swings lately and wanted to do something about it. I was not aware of my mental health issues, never even tried letting out the stored feelings of anger, resentment, sadness etc. 

Dr. Priya understood the issue and guided me well. She was very patient with me, also a very good listner. I just wished if I had taken her help earlier. So much stored trauma, anxiety, and especially covid 19 pandemic led to this unstable mental health.

I realised the importance of a healthy mental balance one needs to have. Feel much better and happier now. I was able to improve in so many areas of my life.  I have regulated my moods and observed a changed pattern behaviour because I jott down my thoughts everyday as per Dr Priya's guidance.

Thanks a lot ma'am.

Chetna S Dargan

Dr. Priya guided me when I was a  lost. case.

I am still a work in progress and not a lost case anymore and the one person who made this happen is Dr Priya, her way of understanding what the other person is feeling or going through and making sure she advices and counsels us in a way that doesn't make us dependent on anything or anybody but only ourselves.  She helped me get on normal terms with my mother, since years we were not having a cordial relationship, and now we have started understanding each other better and bonding well.  I have been into depression for I don't know how long, but now atleast I'm strong enough to believe that I'll get out of this phase completely with the help of therapy sessions, and already I've started feeling much better and in control.  So here all the credits goes to Dr Priya for restoring my faith in myself. 

Thank you for everything Dr. Priya.

Shivani Gupta

I came to see Dr Priya when I was in a very bad state of my mind. I was having mood swings, anxiety, crying spells and racing and unstoppable thoughts. 

Her sessions has helped me emmensely and now i;m a completely changed and confident person. 

Her guidance and therapy style is unique, and the best thing in her is she is so caring and approachabe anytime.

She is the best therapist I have known.

Thank you Dr Priya.

Shalu Gupta

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