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We live in chaos....

We have so much happening in our lives. From the moment we get up in the morning to the minute we go to bed, we are in a constant state of chaos. Things often do not go as planned. Results do not happen as expected. Alarms do not ring, Vehicle breakdown, Mobile network issues, kids, spouse, parents, neighbours, boss, colleague’s issues, etc., everything appears to be in chaos.

We worry about what will happen tomorrow. Because of these nagging worries and agitations, everything seems chaotic. Everything is in disorder because we are not in order. The only way to get out of the mess is to plan better and be prepared. For that, we need to get things in order.

By managing your time and prioritizing tasks, you can have personal time to relax and socialize. Adequate planning will help eliminate the stress of last-minute rush. Planning is a creative way to get things done and a form of self-help to support our mental health. It keeps our minds clear of clutter, releases us from internal and external pressures, and gives us a clear direction to follow.

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